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Training Program FAQ

Why is Basic Clubhouse Training Three Weeks?
Why does the Administrator come on the Third Week and Not Sooner?
Which Training Base is the Best for our Program?
What is the Schedule Like? Do we have Free Time?
Who do we Pay for the Training and when do we Need to Pay the Training Fee?
Who Benefits from Training?
What are the Outcomes from Three Week Training?

Why is Basic Clubhouse Training Three Weeks?

  • In Clubhouse training we learn about a culture, a way of working with people that is vastly different from the traditional day treatment programs. This is a comprehensive package, which will benefit the entire Clubhouse community, not just the participants. Thus, we have found that the three week training is the right amount of time to impart these concepts and provide colleagues the time needed to absorb them and be able to implement them into their Clubhouses.
  • Three weeks is indeed a long time commitment. However, the training experience will be unlike any other training that you have received. The training will impart specific philosophies and practices in the eight sections of the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs that will help your Clubhouse provide wonderful opportunities for members to achieve their hopes and dreams and become respected members of society.
  • Note: There is a two week training option offered by several training bases on a limited basis (see the Training Calendar for availability). We encourage interested Clubhouses to contact those Training Bases offering this option to discuss if this training is an appropriate option for their particular group.

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Why does the Administrator come on the Third Week and Not Sooner?

  • The role of the Administrator is different than the roles of staff and members, and therefore there are different learning objectives. Staff and members need to understand fully and be able to incorporate in practice, the core values and components that a clubhouse is comprised of. The Administrator provides oversight responsibility.
  • For example, organization of a work unit and creating meaningful work, providing expanded reach out efforts, and understanding the powerful nature of the relationship aspect in the Clubhouse model are key ingredients that staff and members must be able to bring back and integrate into the Clubhouse on a daily basis.
  • Administrators need to understand the philosophy and help create supports to help the Action Plan succeed. But they do not have the same responsibility in learning how to implement it when they return.

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Which Training Base is the Best for our Program?

  • Each training base provides the same curriculum, one kept fresh by annual meetings of the training bases at which not only the curriculum, but other components of the training program are reviewed, critiqued and advanced through a consensus building process among Clubhouse International and Training Bases.
  • Each training base has its distinct features, and we encourage you to contact those you want to attend, or call our Training Director for additional information. Just as every Clubhouse has its own features that make each Clubhouse unique in its own way, so does each training base.

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What is the schedule like? Do we have free time?

  • Each training base can send you a sample schedule of what exactly the three week schedule will cover that includes the time the days start and end. Some of them have these schedules on their websites. The days are busy and there are some evening activities scheduled. However, you will find that there is some free time available to do what you wish.
  • On the second weekend, most of the training bases schedule a weekend away when you will go to a different location than the guesthouse and have an opportunity to get to know each other better, and discuss any issues or questions that need further elaboration outside of the daily training process.

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Who do we pay for the training and when do we need to pay the training fee?

  • The training fees get paid directly to the training base. Clubhouse International does not receive any percentage of training fees as these are used by the training bases to provide the supports needed to carry out the responsibilities of operating as a training base.
  • The training base will ask you to pay a 50% deposit prior to coming to training to reserve your space, and to ensure the Clubhouse is committed to the schedule and that a full group can enjoy the process together.

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Who Benefits From Training?

  • Members and staff of programs working towards Clubhouse International Accreditation (TM)
  • Start-up programs or working groups seeking to implement a Clubhouse in their community
  • Established Clubhouses seeking to enhance their development and opportunities
  • Mental health treatment programs seeking to transition into Clubhouse model programs
  • Government officials, board members and mental health administrators

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What are the Outcomes from Three Week Training?

  • Practical experience and a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of Clubhouse model practices that incorporate the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. These are utilized by over 300 Clubhouses in 33 countries worldwide.
  • In depth exposure to
    • A daily structure utilizing a Work Ordered Day
    • An array of employment programs including Transitional, Supported and Independent Employment.
    • Supported Education
    • Housing
    • Community supports
    • Fundraising
    • Social programs that occur evenings, weekends and holidays
    • Administration of Clubhouses including structures of  Clubhouse Boards or Management Committees
  • A detailed, written Action Plan, which outlines the goals developed in the training, and which serves as a strategic guidein which all the members, staff and Board can get involved..
  • More opportunities for members to achieve their individual aspirations and goals.
  • Learning about Clubhouse International Accreditation – a quality assurance process that assesses a Clubhouse’s fidelity to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs and can be used by funding sources as an objective evaluation of the quality of services available at each Clubhouse.
  • A site visit from the training team to your Clubhouse approximately 6-9 months after the training has been completed. This brings international Clubhouse expertise into your community to review the goals on the Action Plan and provide further assistance to the Clubhouse. (This visit is generally included in the training fee unless the expenses exceed  $500.00. Arrangements are negotiated by the training bases.)
  • A network of colleague relationships that can last for years to come!

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