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Standards Review Process

The International Standards for Clubhouse Programs (TM) (Standards) are the ‘Best Practices” of the Clubhouse model for encouraging, supporting and assisting people living with mental illness as they pursue recovery and a personally meaningful and satisfying life.

The Standards serve as the sufficient and necessary elements of any organization wishing to implement the Clubhouse approach to psychosocial rehabilitation. They define the characteristics of the model as it has evolved from the original Fountain House program in New York City. Today the Standards represent the best thinking and practices of members, staff and board members from hundreds of Clubhouses operating in more than thirty countries spread across six continents. The Standards and the Clubhouse model now describe an international model. They are established, supported and amended through the consensual agreement of Clubhouses that are members of Clubhouse International.

Clubhouse International is committed to the continuous improvement of the Clubhouse model and the Standards that describe it. Innovation, improvement and evolution to meet the needs of an ever-changing world are seen as necessary to assist people living with mental illness in their recovery.

Therefore Clubhouse International oversees a process designed to regularly review and update the Standards. The process is known as The Standards Review Process and is described below

The Process in Summary

  1. Any Clubhouse that is a member in good standing with Clubhouse International can make a proposal to amend the Standards at any time in writing to the Standards Review Committee.
  2. All Clubhouses that are members in good standing with Clubhouse International are given the opportunity to review, consider and comment on all proposed changes.
  3. In order to be included as a qualified proposal in the Clubhouse International Standards review process a proposal must meet basic criteria regarding general applicability, universality of concern, consistency with Clubhouse values and be in the approved proposal format.
  4. The Standards Review Committee (SRC) conducts an ongoing open process where any Clubhouse in good membership standing with Clubhouse International is welcomed and encouraged to make a proposal to improve the International Standards for Clubhouse programs. The Standards Review Committee has three specific responsibilities:
    1. To receive and review Standards change proposals against the following criteria (Note: The Clubhouse International Faculty has empowered/encouraged the Standards Review Committee to work with the proposing Clubhouse(s) to improve a proposal so that it meets the criteria.):
      • The proposal must be generally applicable to all Clubhouse International member Clubhouses.
      • The proposal must be of universal concern to all Clubhouse International member Clubhouses.
      • The proposal must be consistent with generally accepted values and principles of the Clubhouse model.
      • The proposal must be submitted in the format requested by the Standards Review Committee.
    2. After determining that a proposal meets the above criteria, the Standards Review Committee circulates the proposal to all Clubhouse International Clubhouses and seeks feedback in support or opposition to the proposal. This is accomplished through electronic communication, hard copy postal service, open hearings at the biennial Clubhouse International Seminar and detailed discussions at Faculty meetings. (Note: This process is typically completed by collecting and distributing multiple proposals for consideration in scheduled process over a two-year period of time.)
    3. Make a determination about the level of support for each accepted proposal based on the feedback from the international Clubhouse community and recommend inclusion for only those proposed changes the received widespread support in the next published edition of the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.
  5. A new edition of the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs is published and disseminated every two years with changes recommended by the Standards Review Committee.

The Standards Review Committee

The Standards Review Committee is a group of members and staff from Accredited Clubhouses and who are members of the Clubhouse International Faculty for Clubhouse Development (Faculty). Additionally there are representatives from the Clubhouse International and Fountain House boards of directors.

The SRC is a committee of the Clubhouse International Board of Directors. The Clubhouse International Executive Director is responsible for managing the SRC for the Board of Directors and insuring that it carries out its charge and reporting requirements.

The SRC is responsible for overseeing the process for collecting, considering and distributing proposals for changes to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs and determining the level of consensus for each qualified proposal.

The SRC as an entity does not write, propose, or edit proposals for consideration by the international Clubhouse community. The role of the SRC is to manage the proposal process and to work closely with the Clubhouse International staff and the Faculty to determine the level of support for qualified proposals.

Who makes up the SRC?

The SRC is comprised of eleven committee members, composed as follows:

Eight members of the Faculty

  • Four active Clubhouse members
  • Four Clubhouse staff
  • At least two of the members and two of the staff will be from Clubhouse International Training Bases

Three appointed positions

  • One Clubhouse International board member
  • One Fountain House, board member
  • One Fountain House staff person
  • These three positions are appointed by the respective board Chair
    Note: Clubhouse International staff are ex-officio participants of the committee

The SRC Chair

The Chair SRC is selected by the other members of the SRC and serves a two-year term. No Chair may serve more than three consecutive two-year terms.

SRC membership terms

Although there is no specific term or term limits for SRC members Clubhouse International staff will work closely with the SRC Chair to insure that the SRC membership meets the above requirements, is well balanced to represent the international Clubhouse community and is comprised of individuals who can successfully carry out the necessary work. Terms of the eight SRC members drawn from the faculty will be staggered to retain consistency with the committee’s work, which is on a two-year cycle.

SRC communication and reporting

The SRC will make a formal progress report at least once per year to the Faculty for Clubhouse Development and to the Clubhouse International Board of Directors. This report will be made available to all Clubhouse International member Clubhouses.

Standards review is a “standing” agenda item for all Clubhouse Advisory Council meetings, where at least one category of the Standards document is discussed annually. Recommendations relating to changes in the Standards are made to the Faculty for Clubhouse Development, the SRC, the Clubhouse International Executive Director and Board of Directors.

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