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16IS Plenary Speeches

Plenary speeches are presentations that were made during the 16th Clubhouse International seminar that was held in Stockholm, Sweden in July 2011. These speeches covered topics of interest related to launching Clubhouses to new heights through Clubhouse development, employment programs, building and developing Clubhouse leadership and much more. See below for all topics.

To download and view plenary, click on the relevant link below:

ICCD and New Clubhouses : Welcoming the next generation of Clubhouse Communities
Joel Corcoran, Executive Director, ICCD
Stefan Malmberg and Kristina Eriksson, Palaren Clubhouse, Finland
Debra Webb, HOPE Clubhouse of SW Florida, Florida
Dr. Prativa Sengupta, SEVAC Clubhouse of India, Kolkata, India
Emily Olivero, OBE, Gibralter Clubhouse Project, Gibralter

The Many Dimensions of Clubhouse Leadership:
Mark Glickman, ICCD Board
Anette Høegh Goelet, ICCD Board of Directors
Annlaug Nielsen, Fontenehuset Hønefoss, Norway
Jón Sigurgeirsson, Klúbburin Geysir, Iceland

Getting to Work:
Lisa Soucie, High Hopes Clubhouse, Maine
Mark Maragnano, Charles Webster Potter Place, Massachusetts
Masumi Ozaki, Ozaki Enterprise Corporation Tokyo, Japan
Akihiko Nose, Clubhouse Habataki, Japan
Elena Orrlöv, Goteborgsfontanen, Sweden

Being Together on Evening, Weekends and Holidays: Deepening Relationships, Expanding Opportunities:
Randy Redlinger, Gateway House, South Carolina
Eva Yau, Phoenix Clubhouse, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China
Leena Niemi, Imatran Klubitalo, Finland
Patricia Bryson, Bridge House, Connecticut

Launching Clubhouses to new heights, using Training, Accreditation and Strategic Planning:
Jack Yatsko, ICCD
Tamara Hunter and Betty McCabe, Putnam Clubhouse, California
Alan Doyle, Fountain House, New York
Jon Mitchell, Toowoomba Clubhouse, Australia

Luke Terry, Toowoomba Clubhouse, Australia

Unit Meeting: The Generator of the Clubhouse Day:
Edel Krogsgård, Enggården, Denmark
Dice Cooper and Alan Jay Miller, Fountain House, New York
Neil Brown and Nina Yakimiuk, Mosaic Clubhouse, England
Steven Manning and Andy Wilson, The Carriage House, Indiana

Robby Vorspan, ICCD
Victor Szabo, Potential Place, Canada
Charly KahlGortan, Clubhaus München Giesing, Germany
Motoko Toyama, JHC Sun Marina Clubhouse, Tokyo, Japan and
Yumiko Mori, Clubhouse Habataki, Tokyo Japan

Dave George, Stepping Stone Clubhouse, Australia

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