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Clubhouse International receives Grant from hope & grace fund

Clubhouse International has just received a grant from the hope & grace fund, a project of New Venture Fund in partnership with the global women's skincare brand philosophy, inc. We greatly appreciate this grant, which will help us conduct research to further our understanding of the barriers to women seeking integrated healthcare solutions, including mental health.

Fountain House Announces 6th Executive Leadership Fellowship for Clubhouse Directors.

Click Here for Application. Apply by no later than July 27, 2016!

Fellows will integrate state of the art management techniques with the ideals and approaches to social practice originated at Fountain House and practiced in clubhouses throughout the world. The Fellowship is open to clubhouse directors around the world. Applicants who have been recently hired as clubhouse directors are encouraged to apply.

Applicants are expected to have nonprofit work experience and to have a Master’s Degree or be matriculated in a Master’s Degree program.

The Fellowship is divided into four phases during the year, which requires participants to be away from their clubhouses for a total of approximately one month’s time. A stipend will be awarded to Fellows, as well as free travel to Fountain House and housing accommodation in our guesthouse.

The Fellowship educates participants in current state of the art nonprofit management techniques within standards-based practice. Fellows will be expected to focus on the following:

  • promoting initiative and charisma in staff;
  • practicing distributive budgeting techniques;
  • demonstrating motivational inspiration, both in writing and speaking;
  • fostering a collaborative style of leadership;
  • initiating advocacy in the community on behalf of the membership in partnership with allied agencies;
  • applicability of social media.

The program facilitates immediate access to senior level coaches who are skilled in various related domains in accordance with Albert Bandura’s observation that individuals learn best when encouraged by a significant partner. Ongoing support for graduates will be maintained through the use of social networking.

Click here to download the application and apply by no later than July 27, 2016.

For more information, contact:
Jennifer Rivera, Director of Human Resources & Veteran’s Affairs, Fountain House, Inc.
425 West 47th Street
New York, New York 10036

Michigan Clubhouses: Explosive and Exciting Growth!

In 2008, Michigan had one, lone Accredited Clubhouse.  By this spring, we expect that number to jump to 15 Accredited Clubhouses.  And this is just the beginning!


The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has taken notice of the dramatic improvements they have witnessed in Clubhouse outcomes in those Clubhouses that have achieved Clubhouse International Accreditation.  As a result, they have made Accreditation a requirement for all Clubhouse programs in Michigan.


Clubhouse International, MDHHS and Clubhouse Michigan are partnering to ensure success.  Our expectation is that the number of Accredited Clubhouses in Michigan will double to 30 in two years, and grow to 40 by December 2018, which is the MDHHS deadline for full Accreditation of all Michigan Clubhouses! We sincerely thank MDHHS for their support.


Phoenix Clubhouse in Hong Kong becomes 11th Clubhouse International Training Base!

Clubhouse International is pleased to announce that we have added Phoenix Clubhouse in Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, as the 11th International Training Base in our worldwide network of Training Bases!

Phoenix Clubhouse is a longstanding Accredited Clubhouse, and for the last decade has served as a designated Orientation Site for new groups seeking to start Clubhouses in Hong Kong and mainland China. Phoenix Clubhouse is a high quality Clubhouse under the direction of Anita Chan. Anita has many years experience working in Clubhouses. The auspice organization, Queen Mary Hospital, has provided excellent leadership from Dr. Michael Wong, Mary Chu, Dr. Eileena Chui, and June Chao. The Friends of Phoenix Clubhouse Advisory Committee and founding Director, Eva Yau (now a Clubhouse International Consultant in China) are very supportive of this new initiative. We are thrilled to now have this new potential to bring Accredited Clubhouses to more Chinese-speaking communities, with Phoenix Clubhouse serving as our newest International Training Base. Please contact Phoenix Clubhouse at pc@phoenixclubhouse.org for more information, or visit their website at www.phoenixclubhouse.org.

Phoenix Clubhouse

Fountain House New York Announces New Executive Fellows

Heading into its fourth year of its Executive Fellowship program, Fountain House is proud to announce it’s new participants at the FH blog post http://www.fountainhouse.org/blog/meet-our-new-executive-fellows

This program integrates state of the art management techniques with the ideals and approach to social practice originated at Fountain House and practiced in clubhouses throughout the world.  The Fellowship is open to new clubhouse directors, including applicants from outside the United States.  Applicants are expected to be recently hired as the clubhouse director, have nonprofit work experience (prior clubhouse experience is not required), and have a Masters Degree or be matriculated in a Masters Degree program.  

The Fellowship is divided into three phases during the year, which requires participants to be away from their clubhouses for a total of approximately one month’s time.  

The Fellowship educates participants in current state of the art nonprofit management techniques within standards-based practice.  Fellows will be focusing on the following: 
·         promoting initiative and charisma in staff;
·         practicing distributive budgeting techniques;
·         demonstrating motivational inspiration, both in writing and speaking;
·         fostering a collaborative style of leadership
·         initiating advocacy in the community on behalf of the membership in partnership with allied agencies


The program facilitates immediate access to senior level coaches who are skilled in various related domains in accordance with Albert Bandura’s observation that individuals learn best when encouraged by a significant partner. Ongoing support for graduates will be maintained through the use of social networking.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Rivera
Director of Human Resources
Fountain House, Inc.



Clubhouse France Receives Prestigious Award


Breaking News: Clubhouse France is one of the 30 charities selected in 2015, out of thousands of applicants, as a recipient of LA FRANCE S'ENGAGE foundation, a program created by President François Hollande to encourage social initiatives benefitting society in France. The strategic support and a very substantial donation over 3 years is going towards the start-up of 2 new Clubhouses in France by year-end 2017. This is a wonderful validation of Clubhouse Paris and its achievement since its opening 4 years ago.

La France S'Engage

Join us in congratulating Philippe Charrier, President, Céline Aimetti, Délégué générale, Jean-Philippe-Cavroy, Clubhouse Director, the Board of Directors and all of the members, staff and supporters of Clubhouse France. Bravo! More info (in French): http://www.clubhousefrance.org


Clubhouse International New Clubhouse Development Training:
‘Unlimited Solutions’ Clubhouse in Maine Proudly Celebrates its Third Birthday! 

In April 2012, a group of movers and shakers from Bangor, Maine, participated in the Clubhouse International New Clubhouse Development Training that was being held in partnership with Carriage House in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  From there, this small group of committed individuals has hit the road running and today operates a vibrant, busy, Accredited Clubhouse.

Carrie Lemos, Director of Unlimited Solutions, remembers the first time she visited a Clubhouse. She sat at a table with a member who was just returning from a long absence from the Clubhouse; and she watched as members and staff welcomed him back with open arms and genuine concern. Carrie says: “At the end of the day, I did not want to leave. I could not wait to get the opportunity to work in an environment like that one!”

Since participating in the New Clubhouse Development training, Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse has taken advantage of the Clubhouse International training programs, Accreditation process, and networking with other Clubhouses in Maine and around the world.

“The overwhelming theme that keeps running through my head,” said Carrie Lemos, “is that even though we are a small group of people, in a little city in Maine, getting our Clubhouse started has been a huge collaborative effort involving Clubhouse people all over the world.” 
Unlimited Solutions just celebrated its third birthday. Carrie notes: “Three years after opening, we have had over 700 people walk through our doors; over 500 have decided to become members; over 100 have gotten jobs; and over 60 have had educational opportunities to expand their knowledge.” 

Happy Birthday, and congratulations to the Unlimited Solutions Clubhouse community – from “Clubhouse people all over the world”!

The next New Clubhouse Development Training will be held January 24-26, 2016. Go to www.clubhouse-intl.org for more information.

Judge Steven Leifman Addresses Clubhouse International Gathering on "Mental Illness: Urgent Moral Crisis of Our Time"

Clubhouse International welcomes Judge Steven Leifman as the featured speaker at a private gathering of mental health advocates at 6:00pm on Wednesday September 30th at Scandinavia House in New York City.

Judge Leifman, who is the recipient of the 2015 William H. Rehnquist Award for Judicial Excellence among other honors, will speak on the topic of “Mental Illness: Urgent Moral Crisis of Our Time.” Judge Leifman is at the forefront of a public policy movement in the criminal justice system to reduce the number of people with mental illness in prison, and to develop alternative approaches that offer treatment and support for recovery. He serves as Associate Administrative Judge in the Miami-Dade County Court Criminal Division and Special Advisor on Criminal Justice and Mental Health for the Supreme Court of Florida. He is co-chair of the Council of State Governments/ TAPA Center for Jail Diversion Judges’ Criminal Justice/Mental Health Leadership Initiative and member of the National Leadership Forum for Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Services.

Joel Corcoran, Executive Director of Clubhouse International, said, “as part of our global advocacy efforts to change the world of mental health, we are extremely pleased to welcome Judge Leifman at Wednesday’s gathering, for an important dialog on how to curb the devastating effects of mental illness on individuals, their families and on society as a whole. Our work has never been more relevant in our world, and our efforts are at the core of recovery.”

Clubhouse International Seeks Candidates for New Program Officer Position

Clubhouse International is seeking a Program Officer to be part of the Clubhouse International staff team, providing operational and administrative support for our mission-related activities. Duties will be primarily focused on our membership, training and accreditation activities and services but will also include IT, communication and general administration. The Program Officer will work with our local team to provide program and event coordination, record keeping, and communication to off-site staff and constituents via phone, email, our website and social media.

The Program Officer position is full-time in our New York office and requires occasional evening and weekend hours and some multiple-day travel. We are looking for a serious but friendly person who can join our organization and add value to our work with a positive, outgoing and dynamic personality.


  • A bachelors or higher degree from an accredited university or college
  • Prior similar employment experience
  • The ability to collaborate and work effectively with a diverse group of people
  • Excellent verbal, writing and communication skills
  • Proficiency with business computer programs including Microsoft and MAC office programs and social media platforms
  • At least two years experience with the Clubhouse model program for people with mental illness is desired.
  • Ability to multi-task and pitch in as a generalist is a must.

Apply by May 31, 2015: Email your letter of interest and resume to Jack Yatsko at jyatsko@clubhouse-intl.org.

The 2015 Fountain House Executive Fellowship

Fountain House announces the fourth year of its Executive Fellowship for clubhouse directors.  Fellows will integrate state of the art management techniques with the ideals and approach to social practice originated at Fountain House and practiced in clubhouses throughout the world.  The Fellowship is open to new clubhouse directors, including applicants from outside the United States.  Applicants are expected to be recently hired as the clubhouse director, have nonprofit work experience (prior clubhouse experience is not required), and have a Masters Degree or be matriculated in a Masters Degree program.  


The Fellowship is divided into three phases during the year, which requires participants to be away from their clubhouses for a total of approximately one month’s time.  A stipend will be awarded to Fellows, as well as free travel to Fountain House and housing accommodations in our Guesthouse.  

The Fellowship educates participants in current state of the art nonprofit management techniques within standards-based practice.  Fellows will be expected to focus on the following: 

  • promoting initiative and charisma in staff;
  • practicing distributive budgeting techniques;
  • demonstrating motivational inspiration, both in writing and speaking;
  • fostering a collaborative style of leadership and staff development
  • building strong Boards; and
  • initiating advocacy in the community on behalf of the membership in partnership with allied agencies.

The program facilitates immediate access to senior level coaches who are skilled in various related domains in accordance with Albert Bandura’s observation that individuals learn best when encouraged by a significant partner.  Ongoing support for graduates will be maintained through the use of social networking.

Applications will be available from the Fountain House website as of April 1, 2015. The deadline for submitting a Fellowship application is June 15, 2015. For more information, contact:

Jennifer Rivera
Director of Human Resources
Fountain House, Inc.

Clubhouse International Seminar 2015

Created by ImageGear, AccuSoft Corp.Macintosh HD:Users:JDC59:Desktop:DallasDivide.jpeg

The Clubhouse International Seminar 2015 will be held in Denver Colorado on October 24-29, 2015


We will convene at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. The Mile High City boasts more than 300 days of sunshine each year with a refreshing and dry climate, making it a wonderful location for our great biennial gathering of Clubhouse colleagues and friends.Please mark your calendars and make plans to join us!

The Clubhouse International Seminar is an ideal opportunity for new and veteran Clubhouse members, staff, and board members to learn from each other, as well as from other experts in areas of importance to our Clubhouses. Our five days together will offer an inspiring array of powerful presentations, workshops, meetings, and discussions about cutting edge and fundamental Clubhouse practice and thinking.

As always, we will be reaching out to you and the entire Clubhouse community to help build our program agenda. The collective strength of our experience is what makes the Clubhouse International Seminar a ‘don’t miss event’ every two years. 

You are needed, wanted and expected!

Registration information and materials will be available soon. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Colorado!

Comments from participants of our last Clubhouse International Seminar:

* “I stopped counting how many times I was brought to tears * Moving and inspiring * Best conference I’ve attended…ever! *The interactions from all over the world taught me so much and I feel like I have colleagues and friends I can reach out to for help and encouragement as we grow our Clubhouse *I am so proud to be part of this movement * Words do not do this Seminar justice *  Amazing! Life changing!”*

Clubhouse International Presents First-Ever USA National Clubhouse Conference

Clubhouse International, a non-profit organization coordinating a global network of Clubhouse Communities for people living with mental illness, today opened the very first USA National Clubhouse Conference, which is being held on Nov. 12-14, 2014 in Silver Spring, Maryland. Over 260 participants from approximately 100 Clubhouses from across America are expected to attend the conference, which focuses on how to create a national voice for the Clubhouse model of recovery from mental illness. Click here for press release.

Clubhouse Canada Performs Flash Mobs on World Mental Health Day, 2014

On World Mental Health Day 2014, 10 Clubhouses from Clubhouse Canada performed flash mobs in cities from coast to coast to fight stigma against mental illness. Click here to view video.

USA National Clubhouse Conference, Nov. 12-14, 2014

The 2014 USA  National Clubhouse Conference, presented by Clubhouse International, is open for registration. The conference will explore strategies for: Sustainable Funding, National and State Legislative Advocacy, Effective Networking and Messaging, Board-Building and more!  The registration deadline is Oct. 1, 2014. Click here for registration form.

Clubhouse International/Fountain House/NY Receive 2014 Hilton Humanitarian Prize

NEW YORK CITY – July 18, 2014 – Clubhouse International/Fountain House NY, a pioneering organization that has created a successful model to help those suffering from mental illness to reclaim their lives and realize their potential through work and the support of a caring community, has been selected to receive the 2014 Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize of $1.5 million. The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation presents the annual award, the world’s largest humanitarian prize, to an organization that is doing extraordinary work to alleviate human suffering. An independent international jury makes the final selection. See Official Hilton Press Release, Clubhouse International Press Release and High Hopes Clubhouse Press Release.

Pathways Joins Charities' Elite

School’s out, but a Richmond organization that changes the lives of people struggling with mental illness just got an A. Pathways Clubhouse has earned a Four-Star Rating from Charity Intelligence Canada, which ranks how charities spend their money and the work they do. Pathways is the only Richmond-based organization in Canada to receive the Four-Star Rating – the highest rank possible, and joins the 15% of charities across Canada who made the grade.

“Charity Intelligence’s research has found charities that are exceptional. This list of 4-Star charities shows Canadians 72 charities that excel in accountability to donors, financial transparency and cost-efficiency. We hope Charity Intelligence’s ratings help donors get accurate, independent information in making important giving decisions”, Kate Bahen, Managing Director of Charity Intelligence. See article and Press Release.

Clubhouse International Celebrates 20 Years of Success in Changing the World of Mental Health

Clubhouse International (www.clubhouse-intl.org), a global non-profit, non-governmental organization that helps communities around the world create sustainable solutions for mental illness, celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its founding today. Joel Corcoran, Executive Director of Clubhouse International, marked the occasion by acknowledging the dedication of the organization’s staff, many volunteers, and the organization’s 320 member Clubhouses to changing the world of mental health. See press release.

Pathways Clubhouse Research Shows Value of Dollars Received

Pathways Clubhouse participated in an independent review of the value created by the dollars received from their funders and donors. We are delighted to announce that Pathways Clubhouse produces a total of $14 in societal value to their members and to the larger community from every $1 received!  Read more.

Mosaic Clubhouse in London, England, to Resume Providing Training

Mosaic Clubhouse, one of the Clubhouse International Certified Training Bases, recently moved into a new building in a new location. As a result we are delighted to announce that Mosaic Clubhouse is now fully settled into its new home, and will resume providing training. Its first group in the new location will be a three-week Comprehensive Training, November 3-21 2014. The newly refurbished building is in Brixton SW9, which is a ten minute walk from the Brixton Underground Station and Rail Station and is also accessible by many buses.  Central London can be reached very quickly and easily from the Clubhouse.

Training colleagues will be accommodated at the recently renovated Travelodge in Penge, nearby Crystal Palace.

During Training at Mosaic Clubhouse, colleagues will benefit from immersion in a strong Clubhouse environment. In particular, Mosaic Clubhouse has a very effective Transitional Employment program; strong working partnerships with education providers; approximately 80% of the Clubhouse’s average daily attendance in educational programs and local schools; an exceptionally strong commitment to peer support among our members; and effective means of assisting members track their goals and progress.   

For more information, contact:

Lee Elliott
Employment, Information & Training Coordinator

Mosaic Clubhouse

65 Effra Road


SW2 1BZ 

email:  l.elliott@mosaic-clubhouse.org

web:   www.mosaic-clubhouse.org

Tel:  020 7924 9657

Clubhouse International Joins National #GivingTuesday Movement on 12/3 to Encourage Spending for Social Good

New York, NY - November 27, 2013

Summary: Clubhouse International, a global organization that seeks to change the world of mental health, has joined #GivingTuesday, an internet-wide philanthropic event that is launching on Tuesday December 3, 2013. During this holiday season, people are encouraged to support the work of Clubhouse International by making an online donation; visiting or volunteering at a local Clubhouse; or speaking out against the prejudice and stigma that surround mental illness.

Clubhouse provides vital service to members
The Reporter – August 7, 2013
Summary:  The Reporter recently published an article about Toowoomba Clubhouse in Queensland, Australia, praising the effectiveness of the Clubhouse and the Clubhouse model. The writer was immediately impressed with the structured activities for members, the respect with which members are treated and the non-clinical environment where people are encouraged to take a leading role in their own recovery. “The Clubhouse model works. It is an achiever….It provides a vital health service to those in need who would otherwise be isolated and unsupported.”

Elkhart County Clubhouse Celebrates Accreditation
Goshen News – June 6, 2013
Summary:  Elkhart County Clubhouse is celebrating its one-year anniversary with an accreditation from Clubhouse International. In celebration of the anniversary and its Accreditation, members shaved the beard of Director Rich Meyer! Chief Operating Officer of Clubhouse International, Jack Yatsko, said, “It is very rare for a new Clubhouse to become accredited within their first year of operation. However, the Elkhart County Clubhouse not only went through the process within that time frame, they also achieved our highest level of Accreditation, a full three-year outcome. Congratulations to everyone connected to the Elkhart County Clubhouse community on this achievement!”

"Work springs from Hope"
Florida Weekly - April 10, 2013
Summary:  Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida recently earned a three-year accreditation from Clubhouse International.  The Hope Clubhouse is the only one of its kind in Southwest Florida. Since opening in Ft. Myers in 2010, Hope Clubhouse has served 159 people. At the core of everything they do, as is the case at other Clubhouses around the world, is work. Several members were interviewed for a recent article in Florida Weekly and work was cited as the most important aspect of their Clubhouse experience. Will Prather, owner of a local theatre, has hired several Hope Clubhouse members and has had a good experience. "There's nothing that can have a more dramatic impact on a person than having a job," he said. Army veteran and Clubhouse member Jonathan Southard suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. He works 25 hours a week at Goodwill and plans to go back to school. Dr. William Madaus, chairman of the Hope Clubhouse board as well as board member of Clubhouse International, has been instrumental in the success of the Clubhouse. "It's almost that work becomes a therapeutic tool in terms of getting back their self-esteem, normalization in terms of working in the community and getting paid for it," he said.

"House of Healing for Mental Health in Hawaii"
Honolulu Magazine - March, 2013
Summary:  Honolulu Magazine recently published an article about Diamond Head Clubhouse, which is funded by the Adult Mental Health Division for the state of Hawaii's Department of Health. The Clubhouse is helping many adults living with mental illness, including Michael Kirk, who was interviewed for this piece. Kirk, who suffers from a permanent disability caused by mental illness, tells about his experience with the Clubhouse. Not only did he find purpose for his days and a relief from isolation, last year he found work through the Clubhouse's Transitional Employment Program. He is now earning enough money to eliminate the need for some public support. Last year, Diamond Head Clubhouse members earned more than $600,000  from private employment.

"Genesis Club marks 25 years of hope, support"

Telegram.com - March 25, 2013

Summary:  It has been 25 years since Genesis Club in Worcester, Massachusetts was founded to help people living with mental illness. The group began small, and hired Kevin Bradley as their first – and since then, their only - executive director. The Clubhouse today includes 2 buildings and a 6,000-square-foot addition. Last year, Genesis House served nearly 800 people, helping them with employment, education, housing, health and peer support. The Clubhouse’s success has become a model for other programs, which send representatives to Worcester to train. “We’re leading the charge,” Mr. Bradley said. At Genesis Club, they have been able to serve whoever walks in the door, and Mr. Bradley hopes that continues.

"New Clubhouse Granite Pathways: One bright light in NH Mental Health Reform"

Concord Monitor - March 13, 2013

Summary:  According to a recent article in the Concord Monitor, new funding for mental health reform in New Hampshire is still unresolved. Governor Hassan has proposed to add $28 million in mental health care funding, but it is unclear whether the proposal will be passed. Although the Governor’s proposed budget covers “peer support services”, New Hampshire’s first Clubhouse for people living with mental illness, Granite Pathways, is not included in the peer support budget. This situation points out the challenges faced by many Clubhouses. Pam Brown, founder of Granite Pathways, worked with 5 other families 3 years ago to start the Clubhouse when she couldn’t find help for her son to restart his life after a diagnosis of psychosis. Today, about 60 people use the Clubhouse regularly, and there is a waiting list. With public funding, the group could move to a better space and continue to grow at a faster pace. However, Brown and the others at Granite Pathways are not waiting for the state to help, despite the challenges. They know the effectiveness of the Clubhouse model and continue to operate every day.

“Clubhouse provides jobs for adults with mental illness”

KSAT.com News -  February 25, 2013

Summary: The Executive Director of the San Antonio Clubhouse, Mark Stoeltje, was recently interviewed by KSAT.com in San Antonio, Texas. Stoeltje talked about the value of the Clubhouse program in helping people living with mental illness lead better lives and in changing stereotypes. He believes that Clubhouse programs could possibly stop shootings like the events recently in the news. “Those kinds of things could have been prevented. These are not guys that just snapped, this built up over time, I’m certain,” Stoeltje said.

From Joel Corcoran, ICCD Executive Director
December 20, 2012

We are all very shocked and saddened by the shootings and deaths in Newtown, Connecticut last week. Although words don't seem to be nearly enough, we offer condolences to all of the families who lost loved ones and to the entire Newtown community as it struggles to make it through this difficult time.

As the details of the tragedy and the young man behind this unthinkable act of violence against innocents become clear, it may or may not be true that he was living with mental illness or other disability. Eventually, we will know more about him and his circumstances. However, what he did will never, ever be excusable or even understandable.

In the coming weeks there will be much discussion and hopefully effective action to help significantly reduce the chances of this ever happening again.

There will be dialogue about the state of our mental health systems and what we can do to make them better.

One thing that we know already is that people living with a mental illness are often alone, overlooked and forgotten about in their own communities. We also know that if this is changed those same people can thrive and live successful and meaningful lives. We know from years of experience, study and research that access to a caring community of support can make all the difference for a person isolated by their disability. Belonging somewhere, with others who care, might be the single most available and effective means of preventing desperation.

It is past time that we recognize our obligation to come together to create and support places in every community where people living with mental illness can find the belonging they need.

Establishing an ICCD Clubhouse in every town and city in this country - much the same way that every town and city has a library, or a YMCA, or a community center - would provide a community base of support for hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of Americans living with mental illness. It would widen the tent of our society. Rather than isolation, hopelessness and despair, the expanding ranks of Clubhouse members would have access to community, hope, jobs, and a reason to wake up in the morning.
Please support the development of ICCD Clubhouses. Together, we can change our world.    

Mark Glickman on recovery and his Clubhouse experience
psychiatryonline.org – December, 2012

Summary: Mark Glickman, ICCD Board Member, recently wrote about his recovery and his Clubhouse experience. He began his journey with mental illness at the age of 18 and over the years experienced hospitalizations, therapy and disabling depression. In 1973, he arrived at Fountain House in New York and gradually began a long and painful recovery. Mark eventually had several successful transitional employment jobs, found his own job and later went back to graduate school at age 40 to study broadcast journalism. He made a documentary about the Fountain House program and co-authored a book. “I had to regain my confidence, my courage, and my basic sense of competency…I believe that clubhouses offer an ideal environment to fulfill one’s potential.” Download full article.

ICCD Board Member Mark Glickman writes about “Psycho” and mental illness stigma

November 27, 2012

I recently watched “Psycho” again, and - pardon the pun- was of two minds about it.  As a lover of film, I was sucked into the mood of high anxiety and dread from the opening moments. On the other hand, from my perspective as an advocate for people with severe psychiatric illnesses, I was troubled that the film grotesquely caricatured mental illnesses that affect millions of people.

Today, more than 50 years since the infamous “shower scene,” we understand that schizophrenia and bipolar disorders are illnesses caused by brain chemistry, not bad mothers like Mrs. Bates.  Nevertheless, the stigma still remains.  Those of us who have suffered from these illnesses and those who fight against them have a tough battle in combating stigma.  Look at our use of language.  We equate being wrong with being crazy.  Someone says something we disagree with and we say "he’s crazy."

Unfortunately, violent acts are occasionally committed by people with untreated mental illnesses.  Those stories too often capture the attention of the media and perpetuate the erroneous view that violence and criminality are prevalent in people with psychiatric disorders. The reality, however, is that men and women with mental illnesses are much more likely to be the recipients of violence then the perpetrators of it. 

Further, the reality is that long before “Psycho” opened in 1960, a quiet revolution began in the realm of recovery from mental illness.  Starting in the late 1940’s in New York City, a non-profit organization called Fountain House pioneered a model of psychiatric rehabilitation in which former mental patients came to a place called a “Clubhouse.” Today, there are almost 350 Clubhouses around the world.

Clubhouses focus on the positive healthy parts of the person which still exist no matter how severe their illness.  Clubhouse “members” come in each day and participate in all  the work needed to run the program, such as cooking, cleaning, outreach, putting out newsletters, answering phones, research and data entry.  When members are ready, they can go on to part-time entry level jobs in the community, continue their education, and ultimately get their own independent jobs.  Working side by side with a small professional staff, members build relationships, skills, self esteem and confidence.  The Clubhouse model is a cost-efficient and effective path to recovery from mental illness.    

Almost everyone knows about “Psycho” and its depiction of Norman Bates as a dangerous, homicidal “crazy person.”  But few know about the hope that Clubhouses have brought to tens of thousands of people who have regained their mental health.  The stigma of mental illness reinforced by films like “Psycho” will only be eradicated when these Illnesses are brought into the light of day and talked about without shame.

“Fountain House Planted Seeds of Global Movement”
Psychiatric News - August 3, 2012

Summary:  Fountain House and ICCD were featured in a recent article in Psychiatric News. The author, Aaron Levin, describes the origin of Fountain House in 1948 and how the founders successfully created a worldwide movement to help people living with mental illness lead productive lives. He explains how ICCD was formed in 1994 as the number of clubhouses grew and how the organization helps clubhouses through the stages of development. The article emphasizes the value of clubhouses in providing resources for people with mental illness and helping them reintegrate into their communities. To read the entire article, Click Here

“ICCD Clubhouse Data Included in SAMHSA's Mental Health, United Stated, 2010

Summary: The United States Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) released Mental Health United States 2010 earlier this year. This publication is part of a series and this issue reports on the nation’s mental health system across three themes: people; treatment facility characteristics; and payers and payment mechanisms. It includes all sort of useful information including state-level data and services in non-traditional settings such as clubhouse programs.

This is the first time that clubhouse data has been included in this publication. The Program for Clubhouse Research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School was able to provide SAMHSA with information from an earlier version of the Clubhouse Profile Questionnaire – a comprehensive survey of Clubhouse Programs affiliated with the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD). The ICCD and ICCD Clubhouses are included in this document in a meaningful way. Read More

“The ICCD Announces the 17th International Clubhouse Seminar 

Summary: The ICCD is pleased to announce the 17th International Clubhouse Seminar will be held October 19-24, 2013 at the elegant Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark in St. Louis. Independence Center, an international ICCD Training Base and host Clubhouse of the Fifth International Clubhouse Seminar in 1989, will serve as our local host Clubhouse. The members, staff and Board of Directors of Independence Center are eager to share their Clubhouse and community with you. 17IS will be a wonderful celebration of the extraordinary worldwide expansion of the Clubhouse movement!
Read More

"Opening of A Clubhouse for Elkhart County"
Goshen News – May 31, 2012

Summary: A new Clubhouse in Goshen, Indiana opened in May after three years of planning by a local group. A Clubhouse for Elkhart County will provide a community of hope and recovery for people who have suffered from mental illness. It is a place for people to participate every day in valuable work, meet friends and find employment opportunities. The group purchased the historic Dale House and, according to Director Rich Meyer, it is ideal in location and size. The Clubhouse is the fifth one to open in Indiana. “We have 20 members as of today,” Meyer said. “We have had support from all kinds of directions (as the home is being outfitted and furnished).” Meyer estimated that membership will continue to grow through the summer and by July or August the members will be able to plan a grand opening. “We’re open,” Meyer said. “Nobody has to wait to visit us.”

“B’More Clubhouse in the News” 
Psychiatric News – May 18, 2012

Summary: The Psychiatric News recently reported in detail on the success of B’More Clubhouse in Baltimore, MD. The article describes the Clubhouse model and explains the uniqueness of the model as an approach to helping people living with mental illness. B’More Clubhouse was the first ICCD Clubhouse in Maryland, opening its doors to members in 2009. Membership has increased from about 30 early in 2011 to more than 100 now. According to Executive Director, Veronica Lynn, M.S., the initial reaction to the Clubhouse from mental health professionals was cool. Once clinicians from Johns Hopkins, Sheppard Pratt and the University of Maryland toured the Clubhouse, B’More began getting more referrals. Members have a wide diversity of educational and employment histories. Since the Clubhouse opened, 7 members have gone back to school, 2 have completed bachelor’s degrees and several have earned GEDs. The article highlighted the experience of one member and an employer who participate in the transitional employment program. A local attorney, David Shapiro, owns a small restaurant a few blocks from the Clubhouse and has hired several members as part of the program. One of those members, Brian, works there a few hours 5 days a week and hopes to work his way back to full-time employment step by step. He will work there for six months. Shapiro expects to be a long-term supporter of the program. “The staff bonds with the members, and we’re sorry to see them go at the end of their stint,” Shapiro said. “Brian rarely misses a day, and he’s always here 20 minutes ahead of time. It’s a place where I think he feels very welcomed and comfortable.” For more information about B’More Clubhouse, visit www.bmoreclubhouseinc.org.

“Partnership Helps People Back to Work” 
Livingston Daily.com - November 26, 2011

Summary: Genesis House, based in Fowlerville, Michigan was in the news recently. The Clubhouse has developed successful partnerships with local businesses who support their transitional employment program. Genesis House member Brian Draganski suffers from bipolar disorder and, until October of this year, had been unemployed for six years. He was recently hired by Asahi Kasei Plastics through the transitional employment program. Genesis House’s partnership with Asahi Kasei began in 2005 and Draganski is the eighth Genesis House member to work at the company. Asahi Kasei recently received an award from the National Employment Expansion project in Washington, D.C. for its partnership with Genesis House. According to Bobbie Mazurek, safety and loss control specialist for Asahi Kasei, the Genesis House partnership works well. “Their work ethic is very strong; it’s a great asset for the company. It helps them and it helps us. We help each other in the program.” Genesis House director Lee Kellogg added, “Now they have a positive picture about adults with mental illness and what they’re capable of. It’s helpful in that way, too.” Genesis House also partners with Centurion Medical Products, T.J. Maxx and Old Navy and is always seeking new employment partners.

A recent study found that Clubhose members were more likely to report being in recovery and having a higher quality of life compared with a group of participants from consuer run "drop in" centers ( Mowbray, Woodward, Holter, et al, 2009). Clubhouse members indicate that the Clubhouse provides valuable oportunities to pursue meaningful activities that help them address their mental health recovery at their own pace (Stoffel, 2008)...
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The international Clubhouse community remembers and honors the lives of Rudyard n. Propst, Anse Leroy and Jim Schmidt. These three "fire souls" will be missed. With respect and sadness, we wish them farewell.

    Rudyard n. Propst, the founder and first Executive Director of the ICCD, died on June 16, 2011. As an international Clubhouse community, we mourn the loss of the man who fanned the Fountain House flame into a worldwide movement, and we celebrate his life...Read More

    Anse Leroy, M.D. Unfortunately, we have lost Anse Leroy. After four months in hospital, she died on Saturday, April 30th 2011. Anse was a fiercely dedicated advocate for the Clubhouse model, both in theory and in practice... Read More

    Jim Schmidt, James R. "Jim" Schmidt, who worked for 38 years at the Fountain House in New York City and served as its Executive Director 1982 to 1992, died August 11, 2011, of pancreatic cancer. Jim was born in 1927 in Queens...Read More

Get an update on the status of ICCD's Japanese Clubhouses and Colleagues after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Read More

The ICCD Clubhouse Community Mourns the Death of Barb Hennings

Barb Hennings, long-time member of Yahara House in Wisconsin, was a powerful advocate for people with mental illness. She never shirked from defending the rights of people living with mental illness to have dignity, respect, friendship, and equality. Barb was a founding member of the ICCD Faculty and helped to draft the original Standards for Clubhouse Programs, which now serve as a 'bill of rights' for Clubhouse members around the world. Her profound commitment to the values of Clubhouse equality and opportunity have helped to change the lives of members everywhere. The Clubhouse movement will miss Barb tremendously, and we owe her a great debt of gratitude.

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