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Join Our Global Support Network

To help Clubhouse International build a stronger foundation for expanding Clubhouses in more communities around the world, we invite you to join our Global Support Network. Click here to download and print our Global Support Network pledge form.

Thanks to the vision and commitment of our Global Support Network members, Clubhouse International can plan ahead and help local communities around the world develop and sustain new Clubhouses, thus ensuring our long-term success in combating mental illness globally.

The Global Support Network offers three levels of giving:

To make your first payment, or to renew or increase your annual commitment, please click here to download and print our Global Support Network pledge form. Once you have completed the form, simply fax it to our Development Office at (212) 541-6879, or mail it to:

Clubhouse International Development Office
483 Tenth Avenue, Suite 205
New York NY 10018 USA

Choose Your Own Level of Giving: You may prefer to give at a different level from the three levels described above. If so, please indicate how much you would like to give and for how many years in the appropriate spaces provided on the Global Support Network pledge form.

Donate Goods and/or Services: You may also prefer to donate goods or services to Clubhouse International, or you may have some great ideas for us.  If so, please check the box that says, “Contact Me” on the Global Support Network pledge form, or contact our Development Office at (212) 582-0343 or via Fax at (212) 541-6879. We welcome your help and input!

The Global Support Network offers three levels of giving:

Foundation Level

A pledge of $1,000 each year for five years is approximately the cost of training a volunteer in our Clubhouse Accreditation (TM) Program, which has more than tripled the employment opportunities for Clubhouse members. This gift of just $83 a month, less than the cost per day of a café latte at a gourmet coffee house, would dramatically change a Clubhouse member’s life, giving him or her greater opportunities to return to the workplace.  Last year, our volunteers gave over 10,000 hours of support.

Sustaining Level

A pledge of $10,000 each year for five years would allow Clubhouse International to provide the training and resources to more Clubhouses each year, helping us strengthen and sustain more Clubhouses, and counterbalance the additional challenges presented by today’s uncertain global economic environment.

Leadership Level

A pledge of $25,000 each year for five years allows you to have far-reaching impact on the lives of people living with mental illness in communities where no Clubhouses exist. For those who are part of a Company or Foundation, or who may be in a position to give more, our Leadership Level will provide a major boost to our efforts to expand not only our geographic reach, but also the number of new Clubhouses started each year.

It costs Clubhouse International approximately $25,000 to train a working group in how to go about starting a Clubhouse in a new community, whether it is located in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the South Pacific or the U.S. The working group exists before there is a budget, building or Clubhouse Director, and it needs support from usto help establish the Clubhouse and its sources of local funding and support. Leadership Level contributors save lives because they help to significantly expand the resources of the worldwide Clubhouse community.

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