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Financial Information

2014 Statement of Activities (with comparative totals for 2013)

The primary sources of funding for Clubhouse International are public and private foundation grants, individual and corporate donors, annual membership dues from member Clubhouses, and Accreditation fees.

Click here to download the 2013 Financial Report (PDF)

 (US$ — Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2014)

Public Support and RevenueFY 2014FY 2013
Contributions455,808 631,983
Government Contracts00
Program Service Fees112,150 129,310
International Seminar681,124 0
Interest20 104
Miscellaneous Income72 11,691
Total Public Support and Revenue 1,516,805 1,044,122

ExpensesFY 2014FY 2013
Program Services1,299,632 999,891
Supporting Services
– General and Administrative86,953 148,787
– Fundraising95,528 125,397
Total Supporting Services182,481 274,184
Total Expenses1,482,1131,274,075
Change in Net Assets34,692(229,953)
Net Assets, Beginning of Year608,699838,652
Net Assets, End of Year 643,391 608,699


  • Clubhouse International is exempt from federal taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and from state and local taxes under comparable laws.
  • A copy of Clubhouse International's full, audited financial statements is available upon written request.
  • Click here to view the most recent Form 990 for Clubhouse International.

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