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Clubhouse Europe, formerly known as the European Partnership for Clubhouse Development (EPCD) was formally established on March 19, 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. Clubhouse Europe aims to promote the continuous development and dissemination of the Clubhouse Model in Europe, as defined by Clubhouse International's International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. In addition to  Clubhouse International, thirteen partners have signed this agreement, including:

  • THL - National Research and Development Center for Welfare and Health (Finland)
  • Danish Coalition of Clubhouses
  • Swedish Clubhouse Coalition
  • Finnish Clubhouse Coalition
  • German-speaking Clubhouse Coalition
  • Scottish Coalition of Clubhouses
  • Helsingin Klubitalo, Clubhouse International Training Base (Finland)
  • Mosaic Clubhouse, Clubhouse International Training Base (England)
  • Fountanhuset/Malmo (Sweden)
  • Fountain House Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Fontenehuset i Oslo (Norway)
  • Klubburinn Geysir (Iceland)
  • Club Itaca, Milan (Italy)

The goals of Clubhouse Europe are to:

  • improve the social inclusion, educational and labor market integration and participation of people with mental illness and psychosocial problems in Europe;
  • increase opportunities of mental health service users and ex-users in European countries to participate in empowering and supportive Clubhouse communities;
  • strengthen and extend Clubhouse International'’s network and operations with European Clubhouses and other stakeholders of Clubhouse development in Europe; and
  • promote and coordinate the European research of the Clubhouse Model and collect the results of the research for international dissemination.

Read about the ELECT Project (European Learning Communities for Training of People with Mental Illness), supported by Clubhouse international. Started in November 2007, ELECT promotes access to education and employment for people recovering from mental illness.

Clubhouse International plays a central role within this partnership and within the implementation of the Clubhouse Europe agreement. Consistent with our global role, Clubhouse International will function as coordinator of Clubhouse development, training and quality assurance. In addition, Clubhouse International will organize international support for different components of Clubhouse development, including establishing an Advisory Council/Advisory Expert Group to support this partnership and coordinating Clubhouse development and other Clubhouse International activities in Europe.

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