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How Donor Funds Are Used

Funding received by donors is dedicated to our primary purpose, that of being a global resource that offers communities around the world a more holistic, inspiring and cost-effective solution for helping people living with mental illness achieve their full potential.

Our funding is utilized to support the following programs, which collectively enable Clubhouse International to develop and maintain successful and financially sustainable Clubhouses around the world:

Taken together, these programs have contributed substantially to the continuing expansion of the Clubhouse model around the world, and our continued dedication to achieving the most cost-effective solution for counteracting the devastating effects of mental illness on people, their families and their communities.

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New Clubhouse Development (NCD) Training Program:

  • The program fosters the creation of community-based boards of directors that will be well prepared to insure the successful development, growth and sustainability of their Clubhouse for decades to come.
  • As a result of the training and the follow-up coaching provided by Clubhouse International, the newly-organized board of directors will have a 10-year vision and a strategic plan in place to accomplish that vision. The plans are uniquely designed to fit the community and circumstances in which the new Clubhouse is situated.
  • NCD training has proven to be extremely successful at encouraging the start-up of strong and effective Clubhouse boards. Not including the newer groups trained in 2012, 44 groups have participated in NCD training in four countries: Sweden, U.S., Japan and Australia. Of these, 80% have been successful:
    • 27 (62%) have opened Clubhouse International Clubhouses; 22 (81%) opened as free-standing Clubhouses and five (19%) opened under the auspices of another agency
    • 8 (18%) are in various stages of development
    • 4 Clubhouses are accredited
  • Future training sessions are scheduled for May 2009 in Fort Wayne Indiana.  Preparations are underway to hold a second European training session in Denmark.

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New Clubhouse Openings:
  • With new Clubhouses opening their doors and more to follow, our network of Clubhouses continues to grow, thus providing even more opportunities for people living with mental illness to become respected members of society.
  • Our support of new Clubhouse start-up groups led 18 of them in 11 countries to start new Clubhouse operations and join Clubhouse International in 2012.

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Existing Clubhouse Training Programs:
  • In 2012, 118 groups from around the world participated in our coordinated basic and specialized Clubhouse training programs, indicating a continued strong demand for Clubhouse International training.
  • Clubhouse International’s training programs have been expanded to include Young Adult and Supported Education Training Tracks, in addition to an expanded Leadership Track.
  • Clubhouse International's training curriculum for existing Clubhouses now includes:
    • Comprehensive Clubhouse Training ― two- and three-week comprehensive “in residence” training, which allows participants to fully explore and experience all the essential components of a strong Clubhouse program
    • Specialized Track Trainings ― one-week training sessions held at Clubhouse International Training Bases on particular aspects of the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs: employment, education, leadership, young adult programming, housing, wellness and work-ordered day
    • Three-Day Orientation/Overview Visit ― three-day introduction to the Clubhouse Model provided at Training Bases for interested individuals not currently affiliated with an established Clubhouse. This orientation is meant to be a brief overview of how Clubhouses function

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Clubhouse International (TM) Accreditation:

  • Accreditation is a symbol of quality, and a clear demonstration of a Clubhouse’s commitment to excellence. Accreditation is awarded for either a one- or three-year period, subject to the degree of adherence by the Clubhouse to the International Standards.
  • The acccreditation process is conducted by members of the Clubhouse International Faculty for Clubhouse Development, which is made up of veteran members and staff from accredited Clubhouses from around the world.
  • Our quality assurance program continues to make great strides: as of January 2012, there were 152 Accredited Clubhouses worldwide. In 2012, 51 Clubhouses achieved Accreditation, 9 for the first time, a mark of their deep commitment to excellence

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Clubhouse International Seminar:
  • Clubhouse International’s worldwide network of Clubhouses gathers together every two years for the Clubhoue International Seminar. The seminar is the single greatest opportunity open to Clubhouses to network with Clubhouse leaders and colleagues from around the world and to learn of the cutting-edge ideas and developments relating to building and sustaining successful Clubhouses.
  • Clubhouse International is busily preparing for the upcoming 17th Clubhouse International Seminar to be held in St. Louis, Missouri from October 19th through the 24th, 2013. This year’s seminar offers an extraordinary breadth of presentation and discussion, with 8 plenary sessions and more than 70 workshops.

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