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Donor Recognition

The work of Clubhouse International would not be possible without the visionary leadership and generosity of the following individuals and group donors:

Foundations and Trusts


Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts

H. van Ameringen Foundation

Hugh and Patricia O'Kane Family Foundation

Isora Foundation

Raymond P. Ginther and Marie M. Ginther Charitable Fund

Santa Maria Foundation

Scholz Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

The Dana Foundation

The Megara Foundation

The San Francisco Foundation

The Woods Foundation

van Ameringen Foundation, Inc.

Corporations and Organizations


Blue Jacket Studios

Capital Clubhouse, Inc.

Carriage House

Fountain House

Fontenehuset Oslo

Gateway House

Laurel House Middlesex

Mental Health and Addiction Network

Shearman & Sterling

Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

United Way of Central Ohio

Venture House


Individual Donors

$25,000 and above



Anette Høegh Goelet and Philip Goelet

Goelet Family

Leif and Janicke Høegh

Whitney D. and Jeanne Pidot

Theodore Stanley

$10,000 - $24,999

Beatrice Bergamasco

Mortimer and Amy Berkowitz

Carolyn E. and Tom Hamilton

Nunne and Ove Høegh

Mark Lanier

Alessandro and Anna Leipold

Thomas D. Manning

$5,000 - $9,999


Shahnaz Batmanghelidj and Radford Klotz

Nathaniel and Jewelle Bickford

Joan and Robert Geyer

Mark Glickman and Cynthia Fissel

Alexandra A. Herzan

Thomas and Julie Høegh

Morten and Dana Høegh

Anne de La Haye Jousselin

Julia and John Scott

Emily Soell

$1,000 - $4,999

Norma J. Arnold

Justine Auchincloss

Judith Beckman

Jill Belasco

Ralph Bilby

Robert M. Blumenfeld

Frank and Helen Bonsal

Ann and Donald Calder

Fred and Marian Carpenter

Eleanor Caulkins

Lady Sharon Harel Cohen and Sir Ronald Cohen

Mark and Vicky Collins

Joel D. Corcoran and Lisa D'Abre

Martin Dives

Nancy Larsen Farrell

Anne Cecilie Fossum and Henrik Ulven

Peter and Lorene Gevalt

Judith Glickman

Lorna Hyde Graev

Ben and Wendy Griswold

Carl T. Hagberg

Suzanne Hoyt

Stephan J. and Susan Immelt

D. John and Debbie Ingram

Alfred James

Thomas E. Kahn

John and Kappy King

Gilbert H. Lamphere

G. David Lehmann

Richard E. and Madeleine Lenski

Elizabeth and Andrew Lezon

William and Kathleen Madaus

Robert and Heidi Manice

Greg and Monika Maziarz

Colleen E. McKay

J.L. Malcolm Morris

Richard C. and Sheila Riggs

Louise P. and Robin Ross

Tore Rynning-Nielsen

Peter Sanborn

Peter Schechter and Rosa Puech 

Herma Schmitz

John and Mary Taddiken

Jackson Toby

Paul Tougas

Ragnhild and Felix Tschudi

Ambassador Frank Wisner

A. Baker Woolworth, Jr.

T. Robert and Kerry C. Zochowski

Henry P. van Ameringen

Under $1,000


Patricia Alonso-Gamo

Tom and Christina Antoshak

Jill Armstrong

Jeffrey Aron

Barbara Azizo

Michelle Babbitt

Jeanne and Gary Baughman

Mark Benson

Diane C. and  Lynn Beuerle

Terry Bevels and Eileen Kent

Meg Bilby Crossman

Richard J. and Suzanne M. Bilby

Jason Bowman

Kevin Bradley

Reverend Al and Lynn Bunis

Ann Campbell

Jeanne F. Christensen

Candace Corcoran

Rose Corcoran

David T. Crandall

Lori D'Angelo

Guy L. de Chazal

K. Burke Dillon

Kenneth J. Dudek

David Duncan

Susan Ells

Rachel Forman and Boaz Avital

Sarah Friend

Derrick Gibbs

Gia Goodrich

Deborah Gorin

Amelia Gotti

Carol Irwin Griswold

Jack and Toni Griswold

Sam Haddad

Sandra M. and Robert J. Hagan

Gladys C. Hairston

Carla Harrison

Larry Henrickson, Jr.

Ethan Herschenfeld

Jennifer Higginbotham

Elaine M. Hill

Elizabeth and Jon Hochman

Iris Reiko Koga Ijima

Marianne Jacobsen

Bonnie Johnson

Judith A. Johnson

Dorothy Jordon and David Ferber

Hanne Juul

Deborah L. Kaplan

Hamilton F. Kean

Donna Kelsh

Jennifer S. Klopp

Francis and Susan M. Knott

Angelo Kostopoulos and Caroline Geginat

Henry A. Lanier

Michelle Leff

G. David Lehmann

Jutta Lewis

Eeva-Marja Loukola

Karimah Lynum

James P. MacGuire and Michelle Coppedge

Richard Machell

James M. and Mariko Mandiberg

Pamela Manice

Alvin F. Martin

Patricia Bilby Moore and James Moore

Paul and Nancy Mortimer

Laurie Moses

Galen Nakamura

Roy S. Pfeil

JaLynn Prince

John Sloane Pyne

Tamar Resnick

Kathleen R. Rhoads Merriam

Ondina Francisca Rocca

Janice S. Roddenbery

Lloyd Rothenberg

Anna Sackett and Kamal Rountree

Blaise Sackett

Joanne Sackett

Javier Sancho

Laurie Sanderson

Eric G. Scharf

Andrew Schonebaum

Ray Schwartz

Lucy Scott

Elizabeth Seidman

Elizabeth Sheehan

Peggy Siegle

Dr. Carol Singer

Susanne Singleton

Harvey Solomon

Dr. Barbara A. Snowadzky

Margie Staker

Elliott S. and Dianne Steele

Augusta Sterne and Yves Salama

Bente Strong

Maria Subiza

Eleanor Kramer Sypher

Lisa Tai

James and Harriette Thayer

Stanley and Susie Trotman

Helen Tschudi

Miguel Uribe

Susan Valk Woolworth

Albert and Shirley Vorspan

Natalie Yates

Jack and Janece Yatsko

Linden von Eichel

In Honor Of

Curt Baughman

Mark Glickman

Anette Høegh Goelet

Alan Guitar

Mark Lanier

Robby Vorspan Lynch

Nicholas and Kristina Ratut

Jack Yatsko

In Memoriam

Judith Gartner

Rudyard Propst

Gail Toby


We apologize if your name has been accidentally omitted or listed incorrectly.
Please contact Anna Sackett at 212.582.0343 for corrections.


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