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New Clubhouse Development Training

We are thrilled with the development and growth of Putnam Clubhouse and don’t know where we would have been without having the New Clubhouse Development Training and follow up support to guide us.
Molly Hamaker, Executive Director, Putnam Clubhouse, Concord, California

This training blew me out of the water! We are fired up and ready to start!
Halima Anderson, Medford, Oregon

For more information on the next New Clubhouse Development Training, contact Jack Yatsko at jyatsko@clubhouse-intl.org or call 808-651-8598.

Clubhouse International is the coordinating center for a worldwide Clubhouse community reaching up to 100,000 men and women living with mental illness each year. In leading a strong worldwide alliance of over 320 Clubhouses in 34 countries, one of our many functions is to foster new Clubhouse start-up and development through New Clubhouse Development (NCD) Training. NCD Training has proven to be extremely successful at encouraging the start-up of strong and effective Clubhouse boards.

As of March 2015, 67 groups have participated in 14 NCD training sessions in five countries: Australia, Japan, Romania, Sweden and USA. Overall, 76% have opened a Clubhouse or are making progress towards opening a Clubhouse, and 7 of these new Clubhouses have already achieved Accreditation.

NCD Training specifically assists groups that are seeking guidance with the initial steps in developing a Clubhouse. The training emphasizes the development of local volunteer boards to help develop and sustain the growth of the Clubhouse, and draws from the experience of our most successful Clubhouses over the past thirty years.

NCD Training involves an intensive, two-day interactive classroom-style workshop delivering information on the most important aspects of starting a Clubhouse. The following components are included in the training:

  • Developing a Vision/Mission statement
  • Overview of the Accredited Clubhouse Model
  • Helping start-up groups develop a formal organization and board
  • Case studies of successful start-up Clubhouses
  • Hiring a Director
  • Fundraising/ Budgeting
  • Building and Space
  • Strategic Planning
  • Obtaining non-profit status
  • Tour of a local Accredited Clubhouse
  • Development of a detailed Action Plan and follow-up mentoring from veteran Clubhouse International colleagues

The goal of the training is to inspire and help organize a committed start-up group to insure the successful development, growth and sustainability of an Accredited Clubhouse for decades to come. At the end of the training and follow-up coaching, participants will have developed and/or strengthened their vision for an effective Clubhouse in their community and the beginnings of a long-term strategic plan to accomplish that vision. The plan will be uniquely designed to fit the community where the new Clubhouse is located. The new Clubhouse will then have access to all of the training and ongoing support currently available to other Clubhouse International member Clubhouses.

For more information please contact:
Jack Yatsko, Chief Operating Officer, at jyatsko@clubhouse-intl.org or (808) 651-8598
Joel Corcoran, Executive Director, at jdcorcoran@clubhouse-intl.org or (212) 582-0343

Tuition for 2015 Trainings is $1,500.00 USD for a group of 3-6 people.

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