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Clubhouse Profile Questionnaire (CPQ)

The Program for Clubhouse Research (PCR) is distributing an electronic Clubhouse Profile Questionnaire (CPQ)
to Clubhouses. The Clubhouse Profile Questionnaire (CPQ) is designed to obtain information concerning practices, characteristics, concerns, and performance outcomes of Clubhouse International member Clubhouse programs. Areas addressed in the survey include: funding, governance and administration; membership; staffing and staff credentials; unit structure; employment; housing; services provided; participation in Clubhouse training; and research activities. The PCR and Clubhouse International use the CPQ” for purposes of quality assurance, program improvement, to monitor the progress of Clubhouse accreditation and training, and demonstrate Clubhouse effectiveness.

The electronic CPQ database replaces all previous versions of the comprehensive survey “International Survey of Clubhouses“or the “ICCD Survey”. The electronic CPQ is a user-friendly electronic version of the CPQ that runs in Microsoft Access.  The PCR designed the electronic CPQ database to help Clubhouse International member Clubhouses increase the accuracy of their data and to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the CPQ. The PCR has contacted all of the Clubhouses by email to help them obtain a copy of the CPQ database. A few of the features of the CPQ database include:

  • A database that a Clubhouse can use locally to save and update this information about their Clubhouse and outcomes electronically
  • Reminders that will help you to enter data that is consistent throughout the questionnaire
  • Sections that are activated or deactivated based on responses
  • Pop-up windows that notify you if the data that has been entered is not logically consistent, e.g. s that add up to more or less than 100%
  • A PDF report that can be used by Clubhouse International for and/or Clubhouse International Faculty for Clubhouse International Accreditation
  • A common dataset for all Clubhouse International member Clubhouses






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