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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors holds overall responsibility for the management of Clubhouse International, including:

  • Ensuring that Clubhouse International's activities are consistent with our purpose and mission;
  • Approving Clubhouse International's budget and monitoring expenditures;
  • Assisting Clubhouse International staff with fundraising activities;
  • Establishing and reviewing Clubhouse International's policies; and
  • Engaging and Managing Clubhouse International’s Executive Director, who consults with and reports to the Board.

Board Members provide access to financial resources, potential employers, and other sources of support for Clubhouse International throughout the world. The Board meets three times a year; Board Committees work continuously and often conduct their business via conference calls.

Board Members are elected on an annual basis; membership is not time-limited. The Board is particularly interested in recruiting additional Clubhouse board members who can assist with our mission and those who represent the cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity of our worldwide community.

Mark Lanier ChairMassachusetts, USA
Norma J. Arnold Vice ChairNew York, USA
Nicholas Ratut Vice ChairNew York, USA
A. Baker WoolworthTreasurerNew York, USA
Anette Hoegh Goelet Secretary Maryland, USA
Thomas D. ManningImmediate Past ChairMassachusetts, USA

Other Board Members Location
Bea Bergamasco  Italy
Fred F. Carpenter  South Carolina, USA
Martin Dives  England
Jeffrey Geller, M.D.  Massachusetts, USA
Mark Glickman  California, USA
Lorna Hyde Graev  New York, USA
Esko Hanninen Finland
Hanne Juul  Denmark
Alessandro Leipold  Washington DC, USA
William C. Madaus  Emeritus MemberFlorida, USA
Steven D. Manning  Indiana, USA
J. Paul McIntosh  Emeritus MemberNebraska, USA
Paolo Orlando  Italy
Whitney D. Pidot  New York, USA
Tore Rynning-Nielsen  Norway
Julia Scott  Emeritus MemberConnecticut, USA
Knut Stubben  Norway
Jennifer Tedesco  New York, USA


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