DATE:                                               June 15, 2016


LOCATION:                                     Marquette County


POSITION TITLE:                           Clubhouse Manager


STATUS/HOURS:                            Salary/Exempt  Nonunion - Regular full-time (80 hours biweekly)


CLASSIFICATION:                         C.9 Base of $21.17 to ten years $28.69 (Masters Degree) plus benefits

                                                          C.5 Base of $17.23 to ten years $23.37 (Bachelors Degree) plus benefits


RESPONSIBILITIES:  This position is responsible for the management of all aspects of clubhouse operations including clubhouse staff supervision and the coordination of clubhouse services.  This position uses a holistic treatment approach in supporting Principles of Recovery for consumers based on the goal expressed in the person centered plan; assuring self-determination and fostering independence for consumers who experience chronic symptoms associated with mental illness.  This position is also responsible for creating a clubhouse environment that is committed to inspiring consumers to become independent, and self-determining in seeking solutions to the challenges of employment, housing, continuing education and community re-integration.  This position serves as a liaison between the consumer, clubhouse support staff and the Outpatient Services Clinician and is responsible for assuring that qualitative and quantitative performance goals and standards established for service delivery are met.


QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor's degree in a health or human service field and is licensed, certified or registered by the State of Michigan or a national organization to provide health care services with two years' experience working at a Clubhouse accredited by Clubhouse International; or a master's degree in a health or human service field with appropriate licensure and one year experience working at a Clubhouse.


If no qualified applicants are found, an exception to the above requirements can be made if written approval from MDHHS is received.



EFFECTIVE:              To be negotiated


APPLY TO:              Send letter of interest and resume to:


                                          Human Resources Department

                                          200 West Spring Street

                                          Marquette, MI  49855

                                          Fax:  (906) 225-7282



APPLICATION DEADLINE:  Internal:  Thursday, June 23, 2016 - 5:00 PM  External: August1, 2016


If there are no internal applicants, this posting will remain open to external applicants until the position has been filled.